Boukari is a quiet, fishing village with a small beach, located to the south of Corfu. In this area you will be served fresh seafood at various restaurants by the sea, such as Golden Sunset Restaurant. Local fishermen depart from the small harbour every day and supply the catch of the day to restaurants.

Golden Sunset Hotel Boukari Village Corfu Golden Sunset Hotel Boukari Village Corfu

Boukari is a lovely destination for those pursuing tranquil holidays, away from the crowds. The settlement along the tourist accommodations in Boukari are built amongst the olive groves which nearly meet the sea. Moreover, the existing hiking trails offer unique opportunities for potential or advanced hikers. You can also enjoy a boat tour (upon request) in the wider coastal area of Corfu. The region features crystalline, calm waters, offering safe swimming conditions for families with children. From Boukari you can enjoy unparalleled views both to Corfu town and the coastline of Epirus.


Above Boukari is situated the village of Kouspades.

History of region

Boukari is the safe haven of the village “Kouspades”. Most properties here belong to the inhabitants of this mountain village. The region’s development in terms of tourism began in the early 1980s. The name of the region derives from the Italian General “Boukaris”. In the past, there was a naval combat which he achieved to win, therefore the region bears the name of “Boukaris”.

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